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Lavery's Land  

                                                 WELCOME TO Lavery Land!


Welcome to Union Township Middle School! Please know that I am focused on providing your child with an easy transition from the elementary to the middle school! I am here to help!


Many parents wish to contact teachers at some point and this can easily be done via email. The email address is simple. Use the teacher’s first initial and last name, followed by the @ symbol and the Union Township web address. (see below)









You are also able to access your child’s academic status daily on Harmony where you may also access my email. . This is a great way to keep track of your child’s progress. You may sign up for an account in our office.


Personal responsibility is the key to a successful year. Students must take ownership of turning in homework on time, bringing necessary supplies to class, and behaving in a manner that complies with the handbook rules.   Thus, it is important for you to read and discuss the vital information within the handbook with your child. Advisor teachers also discuss the handbook rules during the first week.


While I know you have many questions and concerns, please understand that the first two weeks will be a learning experience for both yourself and your child. If you have questions, please contact a teacher and ask. We prefer to be the primary source you turn to, as we are the ones that have direct contact with your child. My school phone number is 219-759-2562   EXT.1297


Anticipating some of the most common concerns, I have listed what I consider to be important information below.


•             A CO is a citizenship offense indicated by red pen

•             Citizenship offenses are given for behavior issues, tardies, late work,

and not being prepared for class in terms of supplies

•             Agendas must be filled out during each class and signed each evening

•             Failure to do the above will result in a CO

•             Three CO’s in one day will result in a mandatory after-school resource

•             Multiple resource referrals may result in a Friday school or social probation

•             Failure to complete work may result in a Friday school. (See attached homework policy)


•             Mandatory resource days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- (from 2:50-4:00)

•             Resource (extra help) is available after school on Tuesday, Wednesday,

and Thursday. This runs from 2:45 until 3:05. Students may then go to the

library until 4:00 where they do homework or read.


•             Students may not stay after for purely social reasons. If they are caught doing so, they may have after school privileges revoked.

•             There is not a late bus, so parents must pick up their child.

•             Unless otherwise noted, homework is due the following day. Incomplete

work may result in a lowered grade or a zero. Athletic events are not an

excuse for incomplete homework. Your student must learn how to prioritize.

•             If your child is sick for more than one day, please utilize HARMONY, call the office, and pick up absent work. Students get very overwhelmed when they find themselves behind.

•             Regular attendance is expected. If you must take your child out of school for an extended period you must let the office know. Missed work must be completed.


         UTMS grading Scale:


100=A+             89=B+              79=C+             69=D+             59 and below=F

99-92=A             88-82=B           78-72=C           68-62=D

91-90=A-           81-80=B-         71-70=C-         61-60=D-


AR requirements:


10 points each trimester

20 points each trimester (for Accelerated)


Incentive Point Levels:


Level 1- ALL STAR               Level 2-ALL STATE             Level 3- ALL AMERICAN

         80 points                                 130 points                                   200 points


Additionally, each student will read a Young Hoosier (the number varies according to classroom teacher) and are responsible for one Science non-fiction each trimester, as well

as a Social Studies non-fiction the last trimester.


Now, I am sure there will be more questions in time. Feel free to contact me through email and I promise to get back to you in a timely fashion! In the meantime, ENJOY the year. It is going to be AWESOME!