Staff & students of the month!


"Mr. Gass has been a true team player. He covered for missing teachers while they were gone, incorporating those students into his classes. He's been upbeat and positive, and is a positive influence to all students in the hallways during passing periods."

- UTMS Staff


Lauren is a student that can be trusted among classmates and teachers.

- 6th grade teachers


Emma demonstrates honesty and trustworthiness in her everyday interactions with others.

- 6th grade teachers


Conor always tells the truth to teachers, even when it doesn't benefit him.

- 6th grade teachers


Emma shows ownership with her weaknesses and is honest with her teachers

- 7th grade teachers


Colin is up front and straightforward during the learning process and does what is asked of him.

- 7th grade teachers


Rowan approaches all work with integrity. She is honest, trustworthy, and dependable.

- 7th grade teachers


Sophia is always and authentic with every piece of work she turns in.

- 8th grade teachers

Rogan has thrived in his new environment because of his honesty and trustworthiness.

- 8th grade teachers


Gracie always tells it exactly how it is. She's respectful and an honest kid.

- 8th grade teachers