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Tech Projects Donors Choose

Special Projects  

Students will be incorporating technology into their classroom assignments.  For advertising, students will be using Prezi and digital recording.  For mood and imagery, Glogster will be used.  Around the holidays, students will be using Windows Movie Maker to produce  digital versions of their end product.  Students will become the teacher to teach a unit on mythology incorporating Power Point and technology programs of their selections.  Public speaking skills will be used through debate and job interviewing with a local business owner.  Newsletters and brochures will appear in literature assignments.  Many of the projects we will complete will allow for groups activities.  Students will cover a wide range of writing styles and will be varied.  Students will have the opportunity to enter as many writing contests as I can find.

Technology Programs To Learn  

It is important for my students to become proficient 21st century digital learners.  With this in mind, my students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves with learning new technology programs including the programs: Wix Website, Prezi, Glogster, Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Publishing including making brochures, newsletters, etc, Podcasting, Power Point presentations, digital camera, and video camera.  Any new program I continue to learn will be passed along to encourage your child's growth and learning and become 21st century learners.  

Donors Choose is a non-profit organzation that helps teachers finding funding for supplies and special products to use in the classroom. I have been a part of Donors Choose for the past 3 years and have received around $14,000 worth of materials. I can't say enough of this organization. I started on this site becaue I wanted audio cd players and audio books for my struggling readers to help turn them into readers. I can not stress how much this has helped my students.
Here is our classroom site:
Please take a look. We have 3 projects posted. One project is almost funded. It is for an Orca subscription for digital courswork centering on high interest sports material along with books featuring African Americans to supplement in the month of February.
Another project is for more audio books and novels.The final project is for ink for our classroom color printer.
Please take look!