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Ruth Lavery Staff Photo

Lavery`s Land 


                                             Mrs. Lavery/ Language Arts


     Welcome to the exciting world of middle school! Some of you have already had children attend UTMS, while others are experiencing the joy and anguish for the first time.

     My name is Ruth Lavery and I’ve taught in Union Township my entire career! GO BEARCATS! While many things have changed, the children are still basically the same. Middle-school children are a unique mix. They seem to have one foot in the adult world, yet are still kids in so many ways. As a teacher I feel it is important for them to be independent and assume responsibility for their educational success.I have attached under"links" a direct link  to the site where my assignments are posted weekly. Use this for convenience, especially if you have an absent child. (

I have compiled a list of rules for my own classroom that work in conjunction with the 6th grade and handbook rules. Please take a moment to read these rules. Thank you!


                                                RULES IN LAVERY’S WORLD


1.  Assignments are due the next day unless otherwise indicated. Any missing assignments shall receive a 0 as a grade. This could wreak havoc with your final grade. I am willing to accept a completed assignment one day later for PARTIAL credit. After the one day time period the 0 will be put into the grade book.

2.  Be respectful. Disrespect will not be tolerated

3. Be responsible/ accept responsibility

5. Be kind and treat others as we all want to be treated.

6. Above ALL!   Have FUN and RELAX.