Staff & students of the month!


She has been an amazing addition to our school and brighten our hallways not only with the students work but with her smile, positive attitude, and jokes! Mrs. Ochall has definitely added to our positive school culture, creating and celebrating artwork from our students

- UTMS Staff


Mason does a great job maintaining composure even when angry or upset.

- 6th grade teachers


May is exceptional at always staying on task and being composed.

- 6th grade teachers


Jorie maintains self-control throughout the school day and never seems to become upset.

- 6th grade teachers


Levi is always good natured and composed.

- 7th grade teachers


Ayden is exceptional at always staying on task and being composed.

- 7th grade teachers


Megan raises her hands and contributes to classroom culture

- 7th grade teachers


Aralynn keeps calm when chaos erupts around her. She is kind and doesn't allow her surroundings to influence her decisions.

- 8th grade teachers


Nora is a great asset to any classroom, her calm personality is such an asses to every room.

- 8th grade teachers


Rylee has matured throughout the year and shows great self-control surrounded by her classmates. She works hard and completes her daily tasks.

- 8th grade teachers