Staff & students of the month!


“She is always one to help in a pinch, give up her time, and goes the extra mile. She is always positive, polite, and caring to all those she crosses paths with. She does a great job helping others, staff and students. As well as planning activities for the school"

- UTMS Staff


Adam K. "Adam is always willing to offer help and a kind word to friends or foes."

- 6th grade teachers


Kelly W "Kelly goes above and beyond to make people who are down feel better."

- 6th grade teachers


Joseph V. "Joseph is helpful and kind to all teachers and classmates both in classrooms and out."

- 6th grade teachers


Abram B. "Abram is a kind and compassionate student. He helps his classmates and is always kind to his teachers."

- 8th grade teachers


Taylor W. "Taylor is always kind and compassionate to each of her teachers. She is always nice to her classmates and tells everyone to have a good day or a good weekend."

- 8th grade teachers

Pamela R. "Pamela shows compassion to her classmates and teachers. She was very thoughtful and kind with her Christmas gifts."

- 8th grade teachers


Olivia S. "Olivia is very kind and helpful. She is a positive person and always has a smile on her face."

- 7th grade teachers


Charles W. "Charles is nice to everyone and likes to engage in personal conversation with students and teachers."

- 7th grade teachers


Reed R. "Reed is very thoughtful with others and kind. He is very helpful and cares about others. "

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